Pineapple Express The Movie

The Pineapple Express movie was produced in 2008 as an American stoner action comedy movie. It was directed by the industry finest David Green, written by Rogen Seth and Evan Goldberg. The movie stars Rogen and James Franco. Involved in the production was Judd Apatow, who had previously produced other movies starred by both Rogen and Goldberg. This was a perfect team to give the world a top-class movie. It was in this movie that Franco was nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe award for his impressive acting skills in the movie.

Pineapple Express the Movie

Pineapple Express the Movie

The plot

The movie is centered on the life of a 25-year old Dale, who is a process server and a habitual pot smoker. While he makes a stop at his dealer, Saul to buy weed, he is given the next service to attend to. He ends up witnessing a murder by a cop and Ted killing an Asian man. Dale panics and unfortunately leaves this roach with his marijuana. The type of marijuana in the roach is called the Pineapple Express. In order to identify who might have seen him, Ted sends his muscle guys to look for the dealer who sells Pineapple Express. The marijuana traces back to Saul who is questioned about his whereabouts.

The movie is all about the different lives of the drug dealers and how they have to deal with any competition in the neighborhood. Most drug dealers are known to eliminate the competition the best way known by killing it. In some cases, the competitors might come together and figure out a way to share the current market. If they end up agreeing with each other, each person will have a specific place of operation. Crossing to the side of the competitor is deemed as an act of war.

The movie performed well on the top charts. It received quite a number of varied reviews. Most of the reviews were posted. The movie was not just about the drug dealers, it had quite comedy that kept people watching every moment to see what would be next. The roles given to each actor were just perfect. All the starring actors executed their roles perfectly. The movie had an easy to follow the plot for anyone. It was not one of those movies you had to follow up to end and never get what it was all about. This movie created quite a fan base for the actors who appeared in it. Many people go to appreciate the cast for the good job. By checking on blogs such as IMDB, it is easy to see that it had the best ratings too.

We need comedy based movies to keep us laughing after a long day at work or simply to forget about our problems. That is what the Pineapple Express movie does to you. It gives a mixture of comedy and a bit of action. This is the type of movie that will make you glued to the TV to find out what happens next. The actors too do a great job of delivering on their roles perfectly, which makes the movie entertaining.

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comedy movies

comedy movies

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